Moving Checklist

Whether you are just considering the idea of a move, or you have already had your offer for a new house accepted, you need to create a moving house checklist.

With a checklist, you will make sure that you are fully prepared for before and after your moving day you will be able to go through every necessary task efficiently and chronologically.

On this page you will find a suggested moving house checklist to help you stay organised and make your move run smoothly.

2 - 3 months before you move

  • Book time off work for before and after your move
  • Ask your employer if they offer relocation assistance
  • Look for a new school and transfer your children’s records
  • Conduct research on removal companies - obtain quotes from at least 3 companies
  • Start decluttering - go through each room one by one and identify items to sell, donate or throw away.
  • Create a folder with important documents - company quotations, contact information, contracts, significant dates
  • Check your life and home insurance policies to make sure you are covered

5 - 6 weeks before your move

  • Decide on a removal company
  • Gather packing materials from the removal company or from alternative source
  • Make a complete inventory of your belongings
  • Begin packing, working room by room - start with items that are not immediately necessary.
  • Check for parking restrictions in the area of your current & new home. Apply for parking permits.

1 month to go

  • If you are renting, inform your landlord of your moving date
  • Make arrangements for childcare and pet care during your moving day
  • Start emptying your fridge, freezer and pantry strategically - create a meal plan
  • Confirm the moving day with your removal company
  • Inform people such as utility companies, banks, friends and family of your move
  • Register to vote and pay council tax in your new area
  • Clean your home or book professional cleaners

Moving Day

Ensure your home, garden, garage and outbuildings have been emptied of all belongings and your home has been cleaned by the morning Hand in your keys to either your solicitor or to Atrium. And relax!

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